Mareckie Centrum Edukacyjno-Rekreacyjne| Green Building Standard


What makes the building unique and tenant friendly

Sports area

On the premises of the facility or in adjacent areas


In the vicinity of the facility there is a zone wellness accessible to all of the students.

Facilities for cyclists

The building provides amenities for cyclists such as changing rooms, showers, parking lots.

Car charging stations

In the underground car park there are spaces for electric cars.


In the area adjacent to the building there is a playground.


The building has been arranged green space in the form of a castle/squares with vegetation.


The facility has a canteen offering healthy food.


There are baskets for waste segregation in the entire facility.


Free wireless Internet is available for all visitors.

Room to work together

A space has been designed in the building in which students can freely carry out group projects.

Radio Station

The building was designed to have a radio station

location of the school in Marki

ul. Wspólna 40/42,