30 September 2016

About school

The school is located on Wspólna Street in Marki. It is a modern school facility designed in a way that allows convenient and functional arrangement of space.

The building is characterized by modern and energy-saving technological solutions.
The building contains rooms used for teaching the curriculum for primary school students, as well as additional functions serving the whole establishment, i.e. a feeding and library complex.

These functions are accessible directly from the school building and also have independent, separate, direct access from the entrance square. The Nutrition team and the library are designed to provide independent service to school students and other users.


4 Overground storeys

1 Underground storeys

300 Parking spaces

The recreational complex includes, among others:

  • Swimming pool
  • SPA area
  • auditorium
  • fitness room
  • Room for combat sports
  • climbing walls